Radigast City – Establishments

The Golden Goose – The largest and one of the most popular inns, this three-story building caters to well-to-do travelers and it is a good place to hear news from abroad. It also happens to be a pretty good place to find a job.

More about the Golden Goose

Typical jobs to be found include:

* City guide for visitors – 3 sp per day + tips
* Bodyguard / VIP escorts – 5 sp per day + tips
* Translators – for business / trade – 5 to 10 sp per day + tips
* Caravan guards – must have your own gear – 1 gp per day

Sometimes more discreet jobs – fixers, handlers, special entertainment and the like are available but details only are only provided by the barkeep or proprietor.

The first floor hosts a large common room featuring a bard playing a half-decent tune. It also has a game room where people play Dragon Chess and an assortment of card games. Two private dining areas are also available. The second floor offers a large communal sleeping area and a dozen common rooms, while the top floor is reserved for several large suites.

Space in the communal sleeping area is 2 sp per night and includes a light breakfast. Common rooms and suites are 1 gp and 5 gp per night, respectively but include a full breakfast plus dinner. A bowl of stew of the day and a biscuit will only set you back 4 coppers, but more elaborate dinners with healthy portions can run up to 2 gold.

In terms of bear, the Inn only serves Pikemaster Brew, a hearty, refreshing brew that it has delivered regularly from the County’s eastern parts for 2 coppers per mug. It also offers several vintages of expensive (5 sp per glass) Urnst White Wine though you’d have a hard time telling the difference between them, they’re all good. Beyond this, it has an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages – fresh water, milk, juices, tea all for a copper and hard liquors for a silver per shot.