Play for Keeps

Player Introduction 

Summary:  Play for Keeps is a mature (18+), long-term D&D 5th edition campaign for new and experienced players set in the post-war World of Greyhawk.  

This is a **Mature** campaign that may often require a double-dose of pragmatism over moral ambiguities. Characters with a strict black-and-white moral compass will probably have a hard time. I will do my best to cover or skip any of the gory details as tastefully as possible.   

Play Format:  We will start with a play-by-post format, but gradually move into weekly online sessions. We’ll learn the software and hardware as we go, as much for fun as developing new “real-world” skill sets.  I’m based in Ukraine, GMT +3, but have a pretty flexible schedule.   

Open World: Players will largely determine how the campaign unfolds in an essentially “open-world” format.  The players, not the campaign setting, are centerstage and will drive the campaign forward with their choices. This provides for at least three basic types of plots:  

  1. The Main Plot – What the Party as a team is pursuing.
  2. Sub-Plots – Player Agendas, interests specific to individual characters.
  3. Counter-Plots – How the World’s inhabitants are responding to the Players.   

There will be a whole bunch of stuff taking place throughout the world, according to a timeline.  Player’s choices may lead to not getting involved in world stories. At the same time, the players are likely to forge friendships and enemies with their actions, develop reputations, attract unwanted attention and so forth.  Players and their characters will always have plenty of options for adventure – and the means of finding more. 

Still interested? Not intimidated by an eccentric troglodyte or two? The next page will provide you details on applying to Play for Keeps

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About the Gamemaster
About me? I’m Mark. Introduced to D&D in 1980, I played it off and on through about 2000. Since then, I’ve been an avid player of PC and online games. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, I’ve moved around a lot, have lived in some pretty inhospitable environments. I eventually settled in Ukraine (15 years ago). Semi-retired, I keep active as a tech-writer, editor and startup consultant. I’ve worked with the US Army, Primestar, Amazon, LSI/EG&G, Opera, and now mainly for Reinvently. Getting back into D&D is a way to perhaps make some new friends (who speak English), force myself to learn some new skills and have some good old-fashioned fun. I’m married (10 years!), no kids except Gianni and The Gary Owen.
Gamestyle and Experience
DM’s come in all shapes, sizes and dispositions. I’m brand new to D&D’s 5th edition but have most materials for it and find it very easy compared to 3.5. As a GM, I’m easy going and observe the rules but won’t get bogged down by them. I’m not out to kill characters, but all players should understand that their characters are not immortal and can die. There are things worse than death – and none of them need be game-killers. I’ve designed scenarios published in The Operational Art of War IV including – The Third Reich 1942-1945 and The Falkland Islands War.  Should we verge into large battles or things like city-building, we should have no problems.